Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chunky is Good

I've been experimenting with different styles of necklaces lately--both in my making and in my wearing. I don't normally wear necklaces that I would call chunky, but I've attempted to make a couple recently. I had these interesting big beads waiting for repurposing.

Not feeling too happy with my experiments with leather, I tried some waxed linen thread. One thickness was all I could manage to thread through the beads, but I wanted a thicker texture, so I then braided another two lengths of yarn around the first. I wasn't able to estimate the finished length successfully, so my next step was to add several knots between each bead until I had the length I wanted. My next step is to try wearing it with some of my new black tops. Hopefully it will add a bit more variety to my wardrobe.

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