Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Popular Trends

I've had this promotional postcard on my noticeboard for a long time. I just love it's cheeky assertiveness. And, yes, I'm a reading addict so "popular penguins" certainly appeal to me.

I'm letting this little guy raise a couple of different issues today. I'd love some feedback!
  • I've seen plenty of predictions that upcoming seasons colours feature various shades of fruity orange hues like "tangerine". They look great on this card, but are definitely not my personal favourite . . . How do you work with colour trends? 
  • The unashamed self-promotion of a "popular" sash on this little penguin draws me in with a smile, but it's not something I would do myself. I love making, but find marketing much more difficult. It's something I want to tackle more this year. Any suggestions?
This is where I remind you that I just love comments! Please click on the link below and let me know what you're thinking.


Dee said...

I don't find orange that flattering on me. I have found that sometimes I can wear seasonable fashion shades in moderation as accessories. I have a pretty orange necklace and ear rings which I sometimes wear with black and it oops lovely. perhaps a belt or scarf in a seasonal colour teamed with colours that look fabo
on one (in your case any shade of blue/teal) gives a nod to the seasonal shade and makes it work for ones self. It also means that it isn't a huge investment and when tired of it one can easily dispense with the item.
Another option is to wear less flattering fashion shades away from the face as in skirts and pants. Alas for my body shape I avoid anything that would draw attention away from my face, but I have seen it used to good effect on other people. A pretty flattering blue top with an orange skirt or pants would look great and would also do the current trend of colour blocking.
What are your thoughts?

Textile Tragic said...

I can sometimes do the accessory thing, but dislike orange enough on myself that I probably wouldn't bother. The colour blocking idea is really bad for my figure too. I don't need anything to make me look shorter. I might just have to someone else:)

Sharon said...

Regarding orange, my experience is that people who love it don't necessarily wear it as a block colour, but as a detail with another colour. Eg black with organge trim or as a hair band/scarf. I also find that people choose orange (and other citrus shades) for the mood enhancing properties it brings them. (I could imagine your wristies with an orange what would be the perfect partner colour?)

Considering that craft market shoppers may be split between buying for self and buying for another (gift), including a broad spectrum of colours ought to be successful. And how many shoppers in this market are fashion trend followers?

As for marketing...I think you should get someone with a flair for it (as a hobby) onboard; someone who appreciates your philosophy and talents. I reckon it wouldn't take much of a stretch to create a webpage using your fabulous photos.

Or do you mean marketing on your stalls? ....let the items speak for themselves, and find the balance between displays that can clearly be seen and understood (not too crowded), and being plentiful in supply (a sparse display isn't inviting to me).

I'm such a fan of your work...wish I was nearer by...I could look at it and play with it and buy it and rearrange it all day....xox

Textile Tragic said...

thanks Sharon--I'm really just trying to stimulate my thinking. This helps.