Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colour Fix Options

I've done a bit of clothes shopping in the past week. Apart from one pretty blue top, everything I could find in a size and style to suit me was black. The alternatives were mostly lime green and tangerine--not colours I can happily wear. This isn't a new challenge and I do have quite a collection of accessories to add the necessary colour to my wardrobe. A bit more prettiness is always in order, though. And the necklines of the tops I bought don't suit my existing necklaces too well. Here's what I made yesterday:

The sea-green feature beads were in my stash. The pretty clear faceted chrystals came from my Christmas stocking. I've made a slightly longer necklace than the ones I normally wear and it has a ten centimetre extension chain so I can vary the length just a bit. As well as earings to match, I had enough beads to make a little pendant. That can go on a silver chain as a low-key alternative to the necklace. The scrap of fabric in the top right of the pic is silk. I hemmed up a 20 cm piece to use as a summer scarf. So that's three possibilities to add colour to my new tops.

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