Saturday, January 14, 2012

Breathing Space

I finally made it to the studio this morning. Once I got in the door, my first task was to tidy up my work surface a bit. It's been so cluttered lately that I find it hard to think. Once I'd created myself a bit of space, I tackled the necklace which I'd decided to lengthen. I really like the collection of beads I'd used originally, but I wanted to just add a little bit of breathing space. I didn't have the energy or patience to tackle a hand-made chain necklace today. So I found a tiny seed bead just a bit lighter than what was already there. I've used them to separate each of the other beads.

That plus the extras I had was enough to get the length I was after. I'll have to go back to make the matching earings. My eyes had done enough close focus work for a bit and it was time for lunch.

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