Friday, January 13, 2012

Proportions and Compromises

I finished off this chain necklace and earings recently. I started them a year or so ago and they had been sitting neglected until I'd just about forgotten about them. I've enjoyed wearing them a couple of times in the last week or so. Neither is a length that I usually wear. I've included a 50 cm snake chain for reference.

Here's a detail shot:

I'm thinking of remaking yesterday's set in a similar length, though that will probably make it heavier than I like. There's always a catch!


Dee said...

This looks lovely. I am guessing that it took quite some time to make all those links.

giggle time - my word recognition is "metch"... I guess it could be Kiwi for "match", which is what those pieces do. (ps I have lots of kiwi friends )

Dee said...

another thought... the fist pic looks like the top bead in the ear rings is bigger than the second bead. The second pic shows that it isn't bigger than the second bead; it just looks it. I am guessing that is due to its lighter shade.

pretty cool optical trick.
ps I love having the two pics there.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks, yes, lots of time making links--the other cool thing you can't see properly is that the beads in the earings are flat, not globes like in the necklace.