Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flower Play

My friend L and I have been investigating her friend H's flower brooch for a while now. We've also been looking for an afternoon to enjoy some crafting together. Yesterday was the day. There are countless flower tutorials available on line. I found this one for a camelia. I like the way the stitching down the centre of each petal gives real depth.

The fabric is from a wool-flannel jacket I found at an Opp Shop years ago. A button from my button jar and a handful of seeds beads added some more depth and sparkle. By the time we'd made three it was getting too dark to take a really good photo. And our variations make it look quite un-camellia like, but interesting enough to be worth the time and effort. I may even play with the ideas and make a few more.


Dee said...

ooow I would call that a happy success. It looks lovely.

Textile Tragic said...