Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tired and Grumpy

Yesterday was one of those "wrong side of the tapestry" days when things felt tangled and out of control. It was the last day of classes before the end of semester--next week is given over to assessment. I'd been out on Thursday night to a meeting at the Neighbourhood House in support of our new building needs. That made two nights out in a row and I just don't do late nights these days. That is, I do them and then have difficulty regaining my equilibrium. In both our classes it felt as though the amount of assessable work was increasing at the last minute. And it seems I wasn't the only over tired and stressed student, so there was a bit of snipping and snapping across the group--not good for anybody's peace of mind.
Thankfully I could still hear a rational voice in my head reassuring me that I've done more than enough work to get through the subjects; that the paperwork wasn't going to drown me; that we're all human and doing our best in our own flawed ways . . . That wise voice also told me to go straight to bed when I got home and to resist the urge to plunge into a flurry of anxious late night attempts to do more and more and more. I listened. I went to bed. I'm still tired, but it will be ok. I'm off to see a short film and visit a drawing exhibition with a good friend this morning. Hopefully that too will add some strength and perspective to the mix.

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