Friday, June 17, 2011

That's It

It's done!
I stitched the last stitch--including some thorns as requested--I added the hand-dyed border and I've wrapped and pinned it around the canvas. On my way home yesterday I stopped to buy a staple gun. I thought I could borrow one, but let's face it, this won't be the only time I need one. So that's one more bit of equipment in my collection and one more assignment finished.

The binder cover featuring my tree is also finished, but it's still too dark to take a photo this morning and I need to pack my bag, make and eat some toast and catch the train to school. Today is a mega "show and tell" at the beginning of our history lesson, so I'll pack my camera and then I can post that tomorrow.


Vireya said...

Beautiful blackberries!

Dee said...

It looks lovely.
The border is a great match for the blackberries.
I see you solved the matter of what to do with the picture border by omitting it. :) Yep that kinda make the whole question mute.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks and thanks--lovely comments to greet a tired student on return from school