Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been making a few pieces for my stall on Saturday. I have a good base still after the Mothers' Day Market at the Neighbourhood House, but I like to always have some recent pieces on a stall. It keeps me feeling fresh and engaged with the process. This one won't be on the stall. It's still in the development stage. A square of knitted wire, combined with knitted and crocheted wool-silk.Finishing off the wire is one challenge--I thought I might add some freshwater pearls at that point. Getting the balance right between the wire and the softer fibre is also on my mind. I think I'll try smaller needles for the wire as my next step. For now it's sitting on my kitchen table and available for contemplation. Meanwhile I've finished off a couple of pairs of more conventional wristies and another knitted neck roll in the same purple wool-silk and a matching handspun merino.


Dee said...

OK. cryptic guess of unidentified object. Is that a ring?
Its identity isn't mentioned, only some other completed wristies. I am assuming that the pic is a close up of your finger wearing a ring... my first thought was a knee pad, but I can imagine it as no other part of your anatomy.

Textile Tragic said...

OK, thanks for the reality check. That's my wrist with the Unidentified knitted object on it:)

Dee said...

Oh dear. I got that one wrong and am still a bit confussled.
With another look and the knowlefdge that it is wrist, I have worked out where your wrist and hand is but I still don't know what your creation is. help me please?
I am now thinking it is a braclet. :)
I have re-read your post with this in mind and can see potetial for it to be a pretty bracelet. Check that it doesn't restrict wrist movement especially when flexing wrist backwards.
My girls and I have abandoned some pretty wrist adornments due to their restrictive nature.