Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lost and Found

I spent the day at Woodend yesterday with my friend L. We were both tired and needing a break and there's nothing like getting away from home to give a bit of perspective. The main attraction was a viewing of the short film by Shaun Tan, "The Lost Thing" as part of the Woodend Winter Arts Festival. Shaun Tan was there for a discussion about his work in general and the film in particular.Apart from my sheer enjoyment of the work--we watched it in class a few weeks ago, but an extra viewing just reveals more delightful details--I found it really helpful to get some glimpses into Shaun's work practice and his philosophy.

Add to the mix a delightful--and enormous--lunch at one of the many, crowded eateries and some wandering around in the winter air and you have a good prescription for a bit of recovery. I also came home with a collection of autumn leaves which I may or may not sketch today.

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