Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Having said that I wouldn't and couldn't spin any new embroidery thread for my blackberry design, I succumbed to the temptation of a little bag of hand-dyed silk top. The green is a better fit for the fabric I'd already used for the leaves. I've been binding the silk stems I'd already laid down for the leaves, using buttonhole stitch, twisting and turning the resulting line to resemble a lively vine. It's subtle, but adds a dimension to what could otherwise be quite a static design.

Meanwhile I'm thinking about how to frame the formal part of the piece. I've got a few centimetres all round to play with. I'm wondering about using a twisted gavanised wire. Would you believe, I have some in my fibre collection . . . I'm imagining the young girl who belongs to the colouring book, growing up in rural South Australia at the turn of the Century. Life surely had its hardships and she was to live through two world wars. I thought about barbed wire, but apart from the practicalities, I think that might be just a bit too harsh.


Dee said...

That thread looks lovely! I am glad your finger is in the pic to give perspective to the thread, it sure is nice and fine (and even). I am lookihg forward to seeing the completed piece.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks! Unfortunately you'll only see a pic because the whole set is to be displayed in the hallway of the textiles area at TAFE. Otherwise it could have come for a little ride to QLd with me:)