Saturday, June 25, 2011


The moebius neck roll is done:

As far as my knitting goes, it was all done in stocking stitch, but with the cast-on edge in the middle, the knitting falls into two halves. The natural tendency of stocking stitch to curl in on itself gives this appearance where it's really the reverse side you're looking at. And yes, I had to test the geometry and walk my fingers around the single edge and the single plane just to prove to myself that it really is true. I'll definitely make another one--maybe even today!

And in school news, I survived my two "exit interviews" yesterday without feeling as though I need to exit the course. I'm promised that the coming semester is a lighter workload than the one I've just completed. My major challenge--apart from learning as much as I can--is to relax and enjoy the process a bit more. All tips gratefully accepted. Relaxing is not usually my strong point. Oh well, in the spirit of relaxation I'm going on a long country drive today with my friend A. There's a textile exhibition at a regional gallery and we're going to make the trek to Arrarat to see it.

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