Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Things

I definitely needed cheering up after my long slow market day. As the morning went on I kept finding new sore muscles from my prolonged spinning efforts. That meant some quiet spinning at home was not a good option, even if I organised myself something more alluring than the plain white I'd worked on the previous day. The weather was perfect for a Melbourne winter's day and my friend M was available for lunch, so I drove out to Warrandyte to meet her. Sitting in the sun; watching and listening to a young classical guitarist; picking out a lovely leaf here and a bright berry there to catch with my camera--all good things to restore me. I did have a poke around a lovely gallery by the river and noticed some of their prices and display ideas to add to my store of knowledge for next time I contemplate a market stall, but mostly I focussed on other things.

I was home well before dark, thinking I'd done a good job of brightening my outlook and then I noticed this:It's a Silver Princess just starting to flower, but wait, that's my roofline you can see in the background. It's my Silver Princess gum tree and these are her first flowers. As you can see, I ran out with my camera. The flowers are quite high up, so this is as close as I could get without a ladder, but never fear, there are more fat buds full of coloured goodness lower in the tree. I have months of beauty waiting to develop in front of my window. As winter's just starting here, that's a very good thing.

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