Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Technical Troubles

Another homework day yesterday. I've been working on one of my assessment items for the Drawing class. We have to take one of our drawings and use it to design and make a binder cover. I've been working on this tree.Drawing-wise I'm happy enough with what I've done. I like the way the fabric and stitch have developed. But all that stitching has pulled in the fabric so there's no way it will lie flat now. Yesterday I made various attempts to fix it and found that my machine is not behaving very well. I can't get a good even tension on straight stitch no matter how much I fiddle with it. Drat! I think I'd better see if I can get my machine serviced--it's ten days until end of term when everything is due in, but there's not a lot of stitching left to do--other than this one piece. I'd planned to spend my break time teaching myself the basics of machine embroidery, so I really need my machine to run smoothly. Meanwhile I'll take this troublesome tree along to class and see what others have to say.


Dee said...

The design looks good. Bummer about tension issues.
Is this done on you old faithful sewing machine?

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks and yes--it's been to the sewing machine doctor today and is feeling much better thanks. Now I need to sort what to do about the wrinkly backgroun.