Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday was the day for my long-planned trip to Ararat to see the Annemieke Mein exhibition at the Regional Gallery there. It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country. I had the company of my friend A and plenty of time to enjoy the journey. I'm glad I went, but I wasn't as thrilled with the work on display as I'd expected to be. Funnily enough, it was some of the more sketchy work, such as backgrounds or preliminary studies that meant more to me than the meticulously detailed renderings which are so famous.

It was probably just as well I was travelling with a friend, or I might never have made it to Ararat. There were so many trees and scenes along the way to capture my attention. Mostly I just looked. I did stop on the way home to take some shots of the bare trees in the Avenue of Honour at Bachus Marsh.

The Bendigo show is coming up--another opportunity for a drive in the country--but I may just take my camera for a drive one of these days with the intention of just taking some photos rather than actually getting anywhere.

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