Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yarnstorm Process

Most of my contribution to the Sussex Neighbourhood House yarnstorming installation process was done with my voice. I put on my brightest blue clothes--handknitted and crocheted wool of course--and appointed myself as the team's "spruiker". We handed out heaps of invitations to the birds of happiness workshop; leaflets for Coburg Carnivale and copies of the Neighbourhood House program. That and catching up with the various crafters and installers as the day went on was great. Meanwhile I was knitting away on big needles to fill in any gaps. We even had one woman who insisted on joining in on the spot. She promised to bring back my knitting needles and her work today.

This is the only bit of actual installing I did . . .

. . . hand-knitting stitched around the supporting stake of our little tree. It felt good to echo the organic form of what was there. Today Leigh and Amanda added a little bird to it, plus lots of other birds and other goodies too.

I think this is the most links I've ever had in a post here, but that's the point really. A project like this is just full of links.

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