Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colour Comfort

I finished and wore a new crochet hat yesterday. I used the "sea green" handspun which was really a teal colour and came across more blue than green to some of my readers. Whatever colour you call it, I was very happy with my new hat. I was so happy with it that I immediately started another one. This one is definitely blue.

It's Morris' Empire superwash merino in "imperial blue". The yarn is deliciously soft. Soft enough to make my fingers happy and I'm fussy that way since I'm used to my own handspun merino. I've put the two colours together in the pic to try to show up the difference, but the teal handspun still lacks the liveliness it shows in the flesh. As we're heading towards the winter solstice this week, I'm stocking up on warm things to brighten the darker days. 

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