Saturday, June 2, 2012

Granny to the Max

Installation of the yarn-storming of Coburg Mall for Coburg Carnivale is next weekend. Sussex Neighbourhood House is participating and I've had a small part in preparations. Yesterday I took my contribution up a notch. Sorting through my yarns I came across some bright blue which I knew I couldn't use for its intended purpose. That's because one of the yarns I'd twisted in--with the otherwise lovely silk--is quite harsh. It looks delighfully fluffy, but it's not soft and luscious to the touch. I decided it could go to the yarn-storming. I wound several thicknesses together to make a thicker yarn and got stuck into it with a 5 mm hook. Here's how it looks now.

Since I hadn't planned on making this, it doesn't have a spot allocated to it. I'm guessing it'll come in handy somewhere though. I'll just keep stitching at it until I've run out of yarn and then throw it into the mix. There's the ball I'm currently working on plus one more skein. And it's worked up remarkably quickly. My friend W dropped in for a cuppa this morning and I got several rows done while we chatted away. Most of my other current project require a bit of concentration so this is a welcome change: quick, easy and bright.  

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Dee said...

it's starting to look like a knee rug... pity it's scratchy.