Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Ruffles

You know how it is when you go to a restaurant and order from the dessert menu first, just in case you won't have room for both main course and sweets? That's exactly the approach I took to this scarf.


I have been known to enjoy a ruffle or two embellishing my accessories. This time I bypassed a base structure and just built my ruffle on a row of single crochet. It's the last of my sea green handspun merino. 


Sharon said...

I LOVE it...reminds me of coral or a sea anemone! Nice one =D

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) It is essentially the same technique as the hyperbolic crochet coral reef project that toured a while ago.

Dee said...

Oooohhh I am in Ruffle Love!!
Or should I say coral?
Oh love, love, love.

(do you think I like this one?)