Thursday, June 28, 2012

Early Results

My microwave dyed skein is dry.

This first experiment was really just to check my basic technique as it's a while since I did any dyeing in the microwave. By the time it had cooled down all the dye was exhausted. I was overdyeing some blue yarn with landscape grevillea. I'm happy with the berry colour that resulted from the colour combination. As you can see there are patches of undyed yarn visible. For my next test I will use a bit more dye and try to move the skein around in the dyepot a bit more to avoid that. I really like a variegated result for most of my dyeing, but not so much for colour wheel samples. And of course the yarn for my samples will start off white.  Meanwhile I have a useful skein of yarn in a colour I like.


Dee said...

Oh yeah that does look good.
I like it when regardless of how an experiment turns out the result is happily usable. win-win. knowledge gained and useful product achieved.

Sharon said...

I really like this!! It reminds me that shot silk (I don't know if that is the right term) where you have a two colour effect...can't wait to see this knitted up! Or crocheted up...