Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Too Good to be True?

I bought jeans today. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to buy a size smaller than I'd hoped (and two sizes smaller than I'd feared).

What really made me smile was this:

Now I can defy gravity!

That's such a weight off my mind.

Next I'll be floating over to the sewing machine to take them up a couple of inches, then I'm all set.  


Knitspingirl said...

Wow - they sound like wonderful jeans! "Fabulous fit", smaller size, AND gravity defying!!
Enjoy hovering, but try not to get too high, the birdies might get jelous! Lol!!

Sharon said... know there's a song from the musical Wicked (the one I saw last time I was in Melb visiting you) which is called "Defying Gravity" ??? It's a pretty epic song (as my teenage students would say). =D

Textile Tragic said...

I know at least one teenager who will have that sone on her MP3. I'll have to look it up:) Now I just need to get all my other "bits" to be gravity-defying!

Textile Tragic said...

oops, "sonG"

Dee said...

LOL. I sure could use some of that gravity defying. ...and yes she has the song and has just played it for me... and i must admit that it is kinda epic. oh and now it is stuck in my head.