Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wool to the Rescue

Earlier this week I vented some of my frustration at the bamboo fibre I was attempting to spin. I'm proud to say, I persisted with it. That sample is done. I even did two versions in the hope of finding a better technique. But it was not to be. Whether I carded it or folded it, the bamboo fibre remained slippery, short and hard to handle. It was a little easier to manage when I folded it over my finger and controlled it with both hands, but I never got to love it.

For my next challenge I have a bamboo-wool blend. After my experience with the pure bamboo, I wasn't looking forward to it. I carefully read the requirements. There was no indication of how much bamboo has to be in the blend. OK, so it's legitimate to use a wool-rich blend. Great! Here it is: 70% wool and 30% bamboo. That's a fair enough blend. The bamboo is definitely there--it's the white stuff in the pic above. Carded on my fine hand carders and just about spun up already. I stopped before spinning this last bit so I could take a shot and post it. The mix behaves like an easy flowing carded wool. Occasionally theres a bit with more bamboo than average and it slips a little. I've had only one breakage. Oh, so much easier. As to the purpose of 30% bamboo in a wool-blend. I dunno! Novelty? White highlights?--I'd rather have silk! Because it's on the list and I have to do it to get to the finish line? That's honest at least.

Back to my wheel. If I can complete the spinning, ply and finish this skein this morning there will be four more on my list. And now I can look forward to the helping hand of wool in two of them.

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