Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been more than a year since I bought my tiger myrtle drop spindle at the Southbank Market. I bought some of Charly's angora-merino tops at the same time. We've been a long way together, my drop spindle and I: public transport, cafe's, car breakdowns, doctor's surgeries, . . . we've seen them all. Don't ask me how many hours, but it's been time that would otherwise have been wasted. In fact, drop spindling has enriched my time and relieved what would otherwise have been tedious or frustrating moments--oh, and in case I was in your company while drop spindling, let me quickly say, some delightful moments too!

Now look:I've spun my way through all this delicious fibre and it's ready to ply. I'm not enough of a purist to ply it all on my drop spindle. The first attraction of drop spindling for me is portability and plying vast lengths of tightly spun lace-weight yarn from two little bobbins in not portable. I'll use the wheel for plying and set myself up with a new batch of fibre for my drop spindle. Hmmm, what to choose? I'll ponder that over a cup of coffee while I gloat over my beautiful bobbins. Or maybe I'll just gloat for now and choose later.


Dee said...

oooow that looks lovely. gloat away in happiness.
I'm glad your hand is there for perspective. the thread is so fine.

ixchel bunny said...

looks stunning Chiara! glad you are enjoying the ZEN of spindling :)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Charly, I'll add Z for "Zen" to the significance of "Z twist" in your honour:)