Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raffle Quilt Progress

Yesterday morning's task was to get the blocks for the Sussex Neighbourhood House Raffle Quilt ready to hand out to the people who will sew them. I started the planning for this quilt a while back, but then stalled a little. I had an overall design with interlocking friendship stars. I'd resolved the dilemma of how to piece it--valuing participation over efficiency. Last week I sat down with L and mapped out a timeline. The next thing to settle on was colours. We decided on the House colours: this blue, yellow, red-pink combo features on the mosaic facade of our building and has become our signature tune.

The quilt is going to have a scrappy look, but within this colour scheme. I picked up some paint chips from the hardware store to give people a colour reference point. We decided to ask each person to contribute blues and yellows and use a set fabric for the red colour. Luckily I had this hand-dye in my collection--just enough.
A sheet of instructions, a sandwich bag with paint chips and the hand-dyed fabric for each contributor and we're away. The Quilters' Circle met yesterday afternoon so I had my perfect opportunity to hand out the kits. A couple of the knitters who meet at the same time are also quilters, as are several of the staff, so I easily got to the target of nine blocks. Now to wait for the completed blocks to come in. Then we'll have the fun of piecing them together to make a quilt top. Meanwhile the raffle ticket team are already getting themselves organised. We're planning on selling tickets from early August and drawing the raffle at the AGM in mid-September, so the timeline is looking good.

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