Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today is the second Saturday of the month--it's a workshop day at the Guild for last year's Spinning Certificate group. Right now I should be on the bus on my way there. But instead I'm at home: being gentle to my sniffy nose and scratchy throat. It's another colour workshop today: an opportunity to work with acid dyes for wool. Normally I'd jump at it.

I'm not really sick enough to stay at home--just a burst of hay fever really--moderate nuisance value. But it's been a difficult week and everything has been twice as much effort as usual. I'm heading out on the train to Williamstown tomorrow. That will mean three trains each way. Usually I don't mind. Catching the train can be fun. I have plenty of crafts to keep me occupied and I always end up with an interesting conversation or two. I just don't have it in me to make the effort today. OK, I'm staying at home. I can explore the dyeing another day. I can do some of the myriad creative projects that are cluttering my big table. It's OK. If I read this post to myself three times over, maybe I'll be convinced.

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