Monday, May 3, 2010

Fairytale, Please

Once upon a time there was a teenager who loved hats. One day, while walking through a tulip festival, she spied a bag of hand dyed alpaca fibre. "Oh, I would love a hat made out of this!", she cried. Do you remember the story? I can't say the magic quite ends there, but as her fairy godmother I have to admit to a great deal of human fallibility. I spun up the alpaca, and some merino, plied them together and crocheted a lovely little hat. Please note, a lovely little hat. Now, in my defence, I will say that I also designed and crocheted a lovely cap as well, and it was not so little. To cut a long story short, the hat was too small. Back it came in the mail and I've made several attempts to stretch it a little. I don't think I've been very succesful. In my frustration, I took 100g of burgundy wool I had lying around and crocheted up a nice big baggy hat. Here are the two: The hat at the top is done in treble stitch: it's loose and floppy--it could look very good on a teenager with attitude, but I won't know until she tries it on. The one at the bottom of the pic is the original, done in double stitch: quite firm . . . quite, quite firm! I'm hoping it's a little bigger than it was when it arrived, but I can't be sure unil she tries it on. So, as the author of the tale, and the supposed author of textile magic, I'm planning to make a third hat. According to the fairytale formula, this one should be "just right". Oh, please!


Dee said...

hehehe. oh you make what must be somewhat frustrating sound so funny - let's hope the third time IS the magic.

Textile Tragic said...

For some bizarre reason, I am actually still smiling--though I did consider taking the scissors to the offending too-tight row of the original hat.