Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm getting to the bottom of the list of silk yarns for my Spinning Folio. Thankfully this end of the list deals with various forms of "silk waste": lumpy, bumpy interesting stuff. Yesterday's skein was coloured even! Raspberry merino tops blended with sari silk waste--"throwster's waste"--on my hand carders. I selected pink and orange tones and got this warm mix. Just as well since yesterday was also the first day this year that I've kept my heater on all day. I appreciated having some warmth in my hands.

I went on to blend some white silk waste with mohair and wool. Two bobbins are spun and ready to be plied. After that all I need to do is work through a list of cellulose fibres and put everything in order ready to hand in. But today it's beading. I'm off to the Neighbourhood House soon for my first session of Jewellery Making.

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I think this colour 'sings'