Friday, May 14, 2010

Autumn Tones

Despite what my cold toes are telling me, it's not winter yet. We have two weeks of Autumn left.
I spun up this merino yarn last winter.It was easy spinning while my friend S was here to visit from Canberra--something that didn't require too much concentration. The variety of colours kept me interested. Then came the challenge of plying. The different colours are close enough that they would have been ok just as a two-ply yarn, but I decided to emphasise the colour variation by Navaho plying it. Then I wound the skein, washed it and put it aside. Somehow it never quite made it into a box, so last week I found it in the mass of stuff on my big table. Did I put it away? No, I thought I might have to do something with it. Now it's found its way onto my needles: a simple garter stitch to let the yarn do the talking. I'm enjoying watching the colours appear in turn: blending and contrasting. Meanwhile I'm hoping the weather will take its inspiration from my yarn and give me a bit of warmth and contrast. We've had several days of grey drizzle. I'm ready for a change.


SewSofie said...

Its interesting how the weather can affect people. I feel boxed in when the weather gets cold and rainy. This year has been especially hard as it went from beautifully mild and sunny days to cold and wet. Didnt have much of a transition.
The colours of your wool are beautiful. I certainly appreciate it but wouldnt have the patience to spin and ply it myself. Im learning lots from you about spinning, dyes and design.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--yeah the weather has been a bit of a shock. I heard a forecast of 25 for today on the ABC radio, but it was a mistake, we're only getting 17. Drat!