Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunny (sweaty) Queensland

Well, here I am in Sunny Queensland. The only reason to visit Queensland in January, as far as I'm concerned, is to visit friends. This place is much more comfortable a place to be in during the cooler--drier--months. But here I am. And as my friend D was tidying up her studio this morning, we came across these:
These are some of the hand-spun and hand-dyed silk embroidery threads I made for her--I think it was the Christmas before last. The little skeins on the left are the ones wound on "micro-noddy".

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silkdee said...

what i love about using the hand spun, hand dyed silk threads is that as i embroider, i can see and feel their uniqueness and it makes me smile. :D i love to see how it develops and it is different each time. even if i am stitching say an arbor full of roses, each rose develops very unique characteristics since the thread keeps changing in shade and texture. of course every time my students see my work and my threads they want to know where to get them too...

late last year i treated each of them to a skein of C's green hand spun, hand dyed silk to embroider a section in a project that we were working on. they were in tactile heaven :) !!