Monday, January 26, 2009

From my Camera

I bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago. I drove myself and a small army of salespeople crazy choosing the model I wanted. Here's why . . .

This is a little flower I found poking out from the edge of a garden bed at my friends' house. I liked the colour, but especially the texture. . . I'm thinking a blend of wool and mohair spun woolen, or maybe mohair slubs, or, or, or . . .

. . . back to the camera. I bought a digital SLR about 18 months ago. It was a major purchase! I'd planned on a compact digital, but when Yarn Magazine was kind enough to throw me the gift of a major prize, I put the extra into the D-SLR. I've been loving it. Only trouble has been that I've been loving it so much that I want it with me all the time. And by the time I've included the extra couple of special lenses I've bought since, it makes a fairly substantial addition to my every day luggage.

So, I've been saving up for a compact digital, but here's the catch: I so love the features on my SLR. So I've had to plot and plan and research and compromise and hardest of all, figure out which features were actually available on which models.

I finally decided that macro features were the one thing I wasn't willing to compromise on. The fluffy red flower tells the story. I want the camera in my handbag, and I want to catch the subtleties of colour and texture in nature and in my textile work. I'm happy with my choice and it's proving it's usefulness on this trip.

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