Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the Shop

I dropped in the CCCK ( before coming away on holdiays for a few days. CCCK at 234 High St Northcote, Melbourne stocks some of my hand-spun and hand-dyed skeins, hand-knits and other designs. Andrea, Sally and Elwelina seem to love arranging and re-arranging the shop. So I'm always keen to see how things are displayed when I drop in.

Here are some skeins of my hand-dyed cotton and bamboos:
These are all 40-50g skeins of hand-dyed 8-ply yarn.

We mapped out my teaching calendar for this year at the shop. We'll have a few beginner courses and some fun challenges for people who can already knit and crochet. Andrea's put out a challenge for me to teach some "one small skein" classes. Designs and ideas for using just one little skein--like the ones in the basket--to make something special. I love using one-off yarns in my designs. I guess that's part of why I spin and dye my own. So now I'm working out how to share some of that excitement. I'm expecting the challenge will be to limit myself to a few ideas at the time!

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silkdee said...

it looks so yummy - i just wanna reach out and feel those skeins...
hmmm now let me think... what would i like made out of a cute little skein of hand dyed cotton or bamboo... a purse or another yummy bamboo face washer - so nice on my skin... or case for my sunnies (with a way to attach to my bag... or... or... :D