Monday, January 26, 2009

Colours of Australia Day

Australia Day picnic at the beach. Lots of red, white and blue: flags, tattoos, streamers . . . Fun and sun and despite our best efforts, a bit of sunburn.

Here are some other colours of Australia Day:
. . . summer, tree bark shedding, with that incredible green showing through, and there was the sea behind. That's me happy!

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silkdee said...

i LOVE the Australia day pic of the children!! it is soooo Australian and one pic really does convey many words... let me try to say what it tells me:
- little girl with cute aussie tat on cheek
- wearing togs and singlet top
- holding sunscreen?
- little flag near her head
- boy in mid-ground holding an esky or picnic port
- girl in mid-ground wearing Aussie bandanna and flag
- palm tree in back ground
- old Queenslander house in background
- arms reaching to girl - she is loved :)
- kids on their way to celebrate all that is Australian.
keep up the inspiring blogging