Sunday, January 25, 2009

From the Coffee Shop

I'm a Melbourne girl! I was a coffee drinker before I was a Melbourne girl, but it goes with the territory. Here I am in Queensland: body temperature 37+ C, air temperature, ditto, humidity 90+%! Problem: too muggy to enjoy a good coffee. Solution: air-conditioned shopping centre, with coffee shop set a little apart from the crowds. That's not the way I would normally do it, but I guess it works.

One Skein Wonder #1
. . . design specifications: to be designed and executed in the above environment. . . must be compatible with coffee and a bit of friendly conversation.

So I started to make a crocheted, cotton mobile-phone cover. 8-ply--that's like double-knit--cotton, hand-dyed, so the colour has a nice bit of variation, though I'm not sure that shows up in the pic. Simple double crochet, two rectangles, joined with a gusset--I'm just starting the side gusset here.

I think I'll add a shaped flap with a feature bead and I should have half a skein left over for something else.

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