Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's too hot to think, let alone spin or knit!

I've arrived back in Melbourne to a "one in a hundred year" heat wave, as the taxi driver who picked me up at the airport was quick to inform me. His thermostat/ airconditioner thingy said it was 49.5 degrees outside when I got into the car. That dropped to 45 when we got moving. And it felt like it too. The taxi driver was very interested in the idea of my spinning wool and silk, but as I told him, the only thing I would consider doing in this heat is some "cold" water dyeing. I do still have some of the Earth Pallette dye--sky blue- in the fridge and some wool ready skeined. At least I will have no concerns about the colour not developing over the next few days!

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