Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Granny Square

This sweet old wool is Patons 2-ply from way back when. I got it in a box of bits a while ago. At that time it was pale yellow--a classic baby colour, but not my favourite. Now it's pretty green, courtesy of my dye pot. My mind has been on baby things lately, but I was unsure how to use this yarn. I started playing with it a couple of evenings ago and found it wanted to be little granny squares. At least that's how I called it.
I'm not sure that the little gaps are the best idea for little fingers, so this could end up being used a different way entirely. I've got plenty of wool and lots of ideas, so that's fine.
You might deduce from the spash of blue on my thumb that I've still got dye pots on the go. You wouldn't be far from the truth. I am planning a bit of a clean up, though so I can do some printing. 


Dee said...

Love the shade of green.
Little fingers do get into the granny squares but I never found it to be too much of a problem, only when I was trying to get the little people to let go and both my hands were full. More cute than problematic though.

Leigh said...

Such a pretty colour, and it seems to highlight the twist in the yarn as well.What a lovely use for a delightful old yarn! Dee is right about the little fingers, I wouldn't worry about it.xxxx