Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

I'm working towards a stall at the October 13 Made 'n' Thornbury Market. In the past when I've done market stalls, I've focussed almost exclusively on making items for sale. This time I'm remembering to pay attention to how I'm going to display them. It's a benefit of having insights from the Make Craft Your Business course to guide me in my preparation.

I've been thinking about a style. I'm going to use a combination of purchased and home-made bits and pieces. I need an overall look to tie it all together. Yesterday it came to me: "Brown paper packages tied up with string". Not necessarily actual brown paper and actual string--or at least not exclusively so, but that sort of look I want. It seems to be a good fit with my handspun yarns and neutral enough to set off my beloved colours.

Here's what a corner of my worktable looks like this morning.

Ooops, that's supposed to be my dining table. Oh, well . . . I did manage to find a spot for my cereal bowl amongst the bits of wood and sawdust.


Dee said...

Love the Hand!. I like the idea of the boxes, the Balsa one in the back left of the picture looks like it would be fairly fragile though.

Chiara Z said...

It's a work in process.