Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Refining the Design

I'm still working on my new felt ball necklace designs.
The colours are dictated by the details in the felt balls. This one was originally finished with a string of seed beads, but I decided I preferred to use fibre--hand twisted rayon embroidery thread teamed with handspun wool. I'm a litttle unsure about how the hot pink beads will behave in the rough and tumble of real life. They are metallic paint over glass. So this one will remain a prototype. I feel that I've found the balance I want between beads and fibre, though, so it was worth the effort.
And I've tracked down an initial source of white felt balls. They are on their way across the country to me now. I hope they will be in my dyepots by early next week. That will give me more control of my colour options and help me to put in the personal twist that's so important in what I make. 


Dee said...

Yeay you! That sounds like several successes across the board.
If this piece is a prototype then it needs to be tested. I hope that means that you are going to wear it to see how well the beads wear and to gauge the responses to your wearable art.

Dee said...

I have just looked over the last three of the felt ball necklaces and this one is definitely the best due to balance, interest and zing. The previous red/pink one lacks the zing that the extra beads provide. The pink one is good but this one really does seem to hit that balance very nicely.
Congrats dear friend. :)

Chiara Z said...

*warm glow* thanks my friend!