Monday, September 24, 2012

Personality Infusion

After making a couple more felt ball and bead necklaces, I stopped to evaluate. I've got the technique down pat and I'm happy with the length variations I've come up with. The combination of bold bright felt balls with a really light, easy to wear necklace makes me very happy. But I want to infuse a bit more of myself into this design. One way to do that is to dye my own felt balls. That's something I can do as soon as I source some more of them in white. Meanwhile, I came up with this.
It's made with my own handspun yarn combined with hand-dyed (by me) recycled silk loom waste. It's light and bright and I think it's a goer. 


Dee said...

Seriously cute necklace.
I am a tad confused 'though. I read it several times and can't quite figure it out. At the moment the felt balls are pre-coloured and you want to personalise them. Do these balls have your touch to them? Is it the cord that does? maybe I should give up on today and come back tomorrow with a fresh head. help?

Chiara Z said...

OK, clarifying . . . this cord is dyed/spun by me and the felt balls are pre-coloured. I want to get white felt balls so I can dye them myself.