Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Behind the Times

My friend E is into the whole steampunk thing. I've been thinking about making some jewellery for her. I had this old watch. It's not worth replacing the battery on the off chance that it would still work. So I was dreaming about pulling out the little cogs and wheels to string into something interesting. Taking the back off proved to be a challenge. And then I found this.
Obviously I'm sadly behind the times! Watches no longer contain watch parts. That would explain why they're no longer worth fixing. And why replacing the battery and band costs more than the watch itself. Maybe if I'd thought about it a little more I wouldn't have made that particular mistake. Oh well . . .
Tell me, has this been the case ever since I stopped having to wind my watch daily? Any suggestions about where I could find some interesting little cogs without spending a lot of money on a vintage watch just to pull it apart?

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Dee said...

So that's what the inside of a modern watch looks like.
I have seen cogs and watch parts for sale on eBay - of course... one can buy any thing on ebay. :)