Thursday, September 27, 2012


I went out to my studio this morning to fix a necklace which I bought yesterday and before I knew it, I'd made this.
The big pearl is yet to be stitched into the centre and I may yet change some things, but I'm pretty happy with my quick burst of inspiration. It's a couple of inches across, so quite a big burst of colour and texture.
I also need to decide about whether to string this on a twisted cord, or ribbon or chain. In the spirit of my quick inspiration, could I have some quick feedback please. 


Dee said...

It will need a little weight to help it stay in place and make it feel substantial, so perhaps a chain. An interesting twisted cord cord look good too. If you add a clip/pin to the back you would increase the possibilities as well as the weight.

Chiara Z said...

Ah--there's a missing detail: it's made around a metal washer, so it has a nice weight already.