Sunday, September 9, 2012

Start Cutting Lino

It may seem an obvious thing, but the trick to getting started on  my linocutting course was to start cutting lino. All my dreams about things I might print in the future weren't going anywhere until I had the tools in my hand and the lino in front of me. Thankfully the first exercise was just an exercise . . .
Now I have a better feel for the different tools and the marks they make. I also have a block to print from. I've managed to gather all the supplies I need. That turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected.
Meanwhile my dyepots have been busy and yesterdays topic in the Make Craft Your Business course was goal setting and motivation. Today I'm off to the Made 'n' Thornbury Spring Fling Market. I aim to have a stall there next month, so I'll be taking mental notes as well as enjoying the lovely things my collegues have made.


Leonie said...

Nice blog, I'll look forward to following. Was lovely to meet you at the market today.

Chiara Z said...

Thanks Leonie--likewise!

Dee said...

I look forward to seeing the first print. :)