Monday, March 21, 2011

Textile Silliness

My friend L came over to borrow my whipper snipper yesterday afternoon. We each have such a tiny back yard that it makes sense to share resources. I noticed she was wearing polyester slacks and plastic shoes for her gardening efforts. L commented that the polyester tends to repel the inevitable flecks of grass, but she had noticed some damage to her shins from other bits and pieces kicked up by the rotating line. I figured I had just the thing to solve that problem. I bought a blouse in a local discount store a few months ago. The styling was great all the way through to the shoulders: nice waist and bust shaping, fitted sleeve cap, subtle but interesting decoration at the button placket. Then there were these ridiculous baggy sleeves gathered at the wrist with an elastic band. The solution was straightforward. A pair of scissors and a little hem just below the sleeve cap and I've been wearing the blouse happily through summer. The rest of the sleeves were so extraordinary that I kept them. Yesterday afternoon I grabbed them from their spot in the studio and gave them to L to try on. Here they are: Perfect gardening gaiters!

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