Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY Blue Sky

It's early autumn in Melbourne. Yesterday the sky was grey and the air was a little cooler than comfortable. I spent a happy morning in my studio. I'm continuing the process of enhancing and enjoying my space. One enhancement was some blue window curtains. I experimented with dyeing this cotton voile last year. It turned out to be too gauzy for the summer scarves I was hoping to make, so it ended up in that inevitable pile of good intentions. When I found I needed some curtains for the studio there it was. These are obviously not heavy duty curtains. All I need is something to break up the glare in summer when the light is too powerful for comfort on that side of the room. As a bonus I have my own scrap of blue sky to cheer me up on days like yesterday when the skies are grey.

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Anonymous said...

they do smile at you :)