Thursday, March 24, 2011


I spent a few hours sorting the studio yesterday. Now there's some inviting space to work in. There are still plenty of boxes and piles that need to be organised and culled, but I've made enough room that they can be tackled gradually. Sorting the studio is one of those perpetual tasks. I need to work in there to make decisions about where things should go and how I want to use the space. I need to make those decisions and free up some space to be able to work in there . . . and so it goes on. One of my rewards for yesterday's work was finding some carving tools. I then spent several hours on my lump of clay homework. As it turns out I had to sit on the step to do the carving. Clay dust and textiles are not a happy combination.

And yes, that is the corner of my laptop you can see in the pic. It's in place and connected--the wireless internet works. I would have blogged from the studio this morning if I'd been just a bit more organised. Yes, I'm getting sorted. Now back to the homework.


ixchel bunny said...

ooooh CLAY! there's a certain sensuality working with clay. So different from anything fibre related but oh so lush! HAVE FUN you organised creator you ! (phew sorting! are too good!..;-) )

Textile Tragic said...

It was definitely fun--I managed to get sunburnt sitting out there!