Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Access Angst

Where have I been the past 5 days? Well you may ask. My friend V called on the weekend to make sure I hadn't been struck down by some terrible catastrophe--it's so unusual for me to miss a day on my blog, let alone several days in a row. I've had internet issues. I've had service and communication issues. I've had conversations with three different companies in I don't know how many locations. Today I've had workmen coming and going from my house. Just when the last technician was starting up his van, having given up on the problem, I clicked on the computer and just like magic, there was my web page. I was so excited that I ran to the door and shouted to call him back. He came in--again--and observed the transformation for himself. The best he could manage was, "whadayano!" (for those of you who speak a different strain of English, that's , "what do you know?") I know I have internet access again and that's a good thing. I'll keep you posted!


Vireya said...


(Hope it lasts...)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) ( too!)