Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By Design

Yesterday I tried to get caught up on some of the chores and maintenance issues that are cluttering my life--figuratively and practically speaking. One of these tasks was to set up a wireless router. I got myself a laptop computer recently. I plan to use it in the studio and internet access was high on my list of priorities. I'm OK with technology, but the intricacies of the process don't give me any joy. I just want things to work straight up. I did not get my wish on this one. It took several hours and an almost incomprehensible call to the Technical Support people before everything was connected and working happily. Thankfully I also had the phone support of a technologically savvy friend. That spared me the added complication of feeling like an idiot--always a risk in these situations.

On the other hand the packaging did bring me joy:
Some-one, somewhere gets to design these natty little containers to keep all the bits and pieces neatly and safely organised in their box. Oh, what fun! If only the whole experience could be so orderly, simple and functional.

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