Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today's Materials

Today's going to be another hardware day. Here are my materials: I hope to transform these pine planks into some more shelving for the Studio. Then I can move some more boxes from what has been the sewing room. I've moved a lot of neatly labelled boxes in the past week. Now I'm getting to random piles of fabric and boxes with labels like, "to be sorted". Apparently that's as far as I got on my last tidying blitz. Oh well!

My parallel challenges are to make the living room livable and to leave some functional workspace somewhere so that I can be ready for Christmas. I must say it all feels a bit much at the moment. And it's raining, so I'm back to slippery clay between the house and the Studio. OK, maybe I'd better shift the sawbench and tools into the studio and let it be a woodwork room as well for the time being.


SewSofie said...

I must say that you are very talented woman indeed! Sewing, jewellery making, spinning, weaving, construction .. the list goes on!

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--my woodworking is basic, but functional . . . she says, having just convinced a corner shelf to stay in place:)