Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sporty Style

I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the State Netball Centre. Not my usual style, but my friend R was playing in a Grand Final and since her Mum couldn't get away from work, I got to go along to drive and cheer. The game was friendly and exciting. I could remember enough from my clumsy 12-year old days to follow the game. With "our" team going down by only one point against another team from the same club, it wasn't hard to understand the thrill. The aesthetic was an interesting contrast to my usual environment. The common factor being polished wood. Apart from that it was all about space and function, with lots of glass and steel. Add bright smooth textiles; bold colours and lots of movement and you have a sense of it. Mostly I had my camera in sports mode, trying to anticipate enough of the game to get some good shots of the girls in action. I had mixed results, but it was fun trying.

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