Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple Things

Sometimes it's good to enjoy the simple things. What could be better than a solid timber kitchen chair? A free solid timber kitchen chair? What about four free solid timber kitchen chairs, like this one: Now there's generally a catch, right? In this case the chairs are less than new. And though the timber pieces are each individually solid enough, the chairs as a whole are rather rickety. I picked them up from a fellow Freecycler a few days ago. I decided to tackle them one by one and see how far I get. So far I have achieved two functional chairs. I've managed to assemble the pieces for two more, but I don't know yet whether they will hold together enough to take a person's weight. I'll do some glueing, clamping, drilling and screwing before I come to a final conclusion.

The chairs are just the right height for spinning. And the straight back gives just a little support without getting in the way. The colour match is good too.

It's just as well some things in life are simple. This morning I've had to negotiate a court adjournment for a friend who is recovering from a recent admission to an acute mental health unit--somehow the staff thought it would be ok to send him to court alone in a taxi! And my email program is malfunctioning. So, it's good to focus on life's simple pleasures and on problems that can be solved with common sense and just a little application of force.


Knitspingirl said...

What lovely chairs (I am fond of wood).
Hugs to your friend - I am constantly amazed how unprofessional so-called professionals can be.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks . . . do they have special training courses for unprofessionals??!!!