Monday, December 20, 2010

In Use

Sure, there's still sawdust all over the floor. The cutting table holds a pile of power tools and the saw bench is leaning against the wall where the design wall will be, but I actually used the studio for the first time yesterday.

I spent the morning ferrying boxes to their new homes on the shelves I built on Saturday. In the afternoon my friend L came over. She had a few pieces of jewellery that needed attention. The beading stuff was already in the studio, so out we went.

Thankfully all the projects were small and relatively straightforward. Here are our results: The fruity necklace was too long. A pair of snippers and a couple of crimps put it right. Note to self, I need new silver crimps. The crystal wreath and the silver cross wanted ribbons and a lace to hang them on. That meant fasteners of various types. A couple of trips to pick up scissors, glasses and other bits and bobs which I normally take for granted, and we were in business.

I deliberately didn't clear away the tools before I walked out the door. It's a celebration of the freedom the new space will give me. Of course I'll put them away this morning and organise a few more bits and pieces before I head out to do some shopping.

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